Unique AI-powered OR documentation to debut at Vizient by Southwest Solutions

IDENTI’s groundbreaking OR documentation tool, powered by image-recognition and AI, is about to get its live debut at Vizient – after being recognized as innovative technology by the nation’s leading healthcare performance improvement agency.

Snap & Go, IDENTI’s reinvention of surgical implant documentation, is being showcased at Vizient’s Innovation Technology Exchange, taking place in Texas on October 3rd.

Vizient customers will have the opportunity to see the power of image-recognition (IR) and artificial intelligence (AI) technologies in action – and take note of the speed and efficiency it brings to the task of recording usage in the OR.

Snap&Go achieves full and accurate surgical documentation, which feeds straight into the hospital’s EHR, ERP and MMIS, in seconds – taking the pressure off busy nurses, and delivering vital OR data to support data-driven inventory management, medical billing and patient safety.


Snap and Go - award-winning OR surgical documentation tool using AI and image-recognitiontechnology to support quicker, more accurate product usage documentation.
Snap and Go – award-winning OR surgical documentation tool using AI and image-recognition technology to support quicker, more accurate product usage documentation.


Snap&Go was submitted as an innovative OR data capture tool by our partner, Southwest Solutions, who are a Vizient awarded supplier.

Vizient is looking to share, “the latest innovative products and services addressing crucial needs and lifesaving technologies.”

Snap &Go sailed through the assessment criteria and is now officially an OR innovation! This follows on from the 2022 Frost & Sullivan award that Snap&Go received – the New Product Innovation Award for the Operating Room.

If you want to see the power of IR in OR – check out the Southwest Solutions Group table at Vizient next week!


Vizient innovative technology
Vizient innovative technology

If you simply can’t wait to discover the secret of quick and effective surgical implant documentation, take a look at a video of Snap & Go in action.

Hope it whets your appetite!




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Snap&Go to debut as Vizient innovative OR solution

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