The Division of Cardiology at the Tel Aviv Sourasky Medical Center collects usage data with Snap & Go

The Division of Cardiology at the Tel Aviv Sourasky Medical Center collects usage data in four procedural rooms. 

IDENTI combines technologies, the RFID Smart Cabinet supported by Snap & Go with the power of artificial intelligence and machine learning is changing the way Medical implants management and charge capture are done in the hospital and enabling them to solve both clinical, operational, reimbursement, and inventory management challenges.  

Snap and Go recall products
Snap and Go Recall Products

The solution provided by LogiTag will manage more than 2,000 stents, balloons, catheters, and other implants used in the center. 18 Smart Cabinet and 4 Snap and Go technology will enable 100% accuracy of charge capture alongside around 25%-30% inventory reduction. 

The solution is fully integrated with the clinical software and enables full compliance with FDA UDI regulation in regards to digitalizing the implant information in the patient record. By using the LogiPlatfrom cloud server the usage information is sent also to the vendor which replenishes the used inventory immediately.

Snap & Go in Hospitals
Snap & Go in Hospitals
Snap & Go in Hospitals



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