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IDENTI Medical harnesses the power of digital technology to streamline and optimize the healthcare supply chain.

Our latest infographic gets down to basics, breaking down the technology used in our data sensing tools and cloud AI platform.

It’s the combination of precise, real-time data capture achieved via advanced healthcare data collection tools and our AI cloud platform that results in the efficient management of hospital medical inventory and supplies.


Let’s look again at the three pillars that support the IDENTI Medical range of healthcare supply chain management solutions.

  1. Data sensing tools – our tools are designed to manage different types of inventory:
  2. Our technologies then ensure automated data identification, taking the responsibility away from nurses and removing reliance on the hospital Item Master.
  3. Our seamless interoperability then ensures that item level data can be shared with hospital systems such as the EMR, ERP and MMIS. Third party supply chain stakeholders can also tap in to the system if desired by the healthcare provider.


In order to provide clinician-friendly, effective data capture tools IDENTI uses a range of technology including RFID, and image recognition technology.

Once collected, this data is then analyzed and is presented in easy-to-understand formats including real-time metrics, system reports and AI insights.


Data capture, item identification and AI analytics support optimized supply chain management
Data capture, item identification and AI analytics support optimized supply chain management


The diagram above shows our three-pillar foundation.

The infographic below breaks down the technology that makes it all work.

IDENTI Technology – AI automation tools for healthcare supply chain management

Technology is transforming the healthcare supply chain and IDENTI is at the forefront, leading the way with groundbreaking solutions that enhance organizational performance.

Healthcare expertize + Technology = Optimized OR management


Are you intrigued by the immense potential of the IDENTI ecosystem in not only streamlining operations but also significantly reducing costs?

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