Snap & Go to be revealed at HIMSS 2020

HIMSS 2020, please welcome the Snap & Go revolution!

The festive healthcare information technology event of the year is THE place to show-off Snap & Go‘s advanced machine learning and AI capabilities to nearly 45,000 global health changemakers. Schedule a demo today!

Documenting full information during surgery is no longer a challenge!

Patent-protected Snap & Go from IDENTI is a game-changer. Using image-recognition technology powered by artificial intelligence, Snap & Go captures, records and bills all medical implants and consumables used during surgery. Obtaining real costs without involving the medical staff in administrative work means capturing lost revenue through more accurate insurance reimbursement and easy recall tracking. Unrecognized items are identified by IDENTI’s back-office team to maintain a consolidated hospital item-master.



Are you intrigued by the immense potential of the IDENTI ecosystem in not only streamlining operations but also significantly reducing costs?

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