See the latest supply chain technology, without going to AHRMM

What’s inside:

AHRMM 2023 is next week!

But you can experience healthcare supply chain innovation at your convenience.

While it’s great for supply chain professionals to network and gain valuable industry updates, not everyone can get to AHRMM this year.

One of the benefits of conferences and events is finding out about new healthcare supply chain technology and tools that can save you time, money and effort.

It’s often hard to gain a thorough understanding of different options available when researching online.

The truth is, that products can:

  • Seem alike
  • Deliver similar outcomes
  • Look suitable


Yet amongst all the options, there is often a ‘best-fit’ winner, just waiting to be found.

It just takes time to find it.


That’s why at IDENTI, we have a flexible approach to discussions with supply chain professionals.

We understand that your day is busy, and that time is tight.

So, we’ll slot in a short discussion whenever you’re free – for a quick chat, a deeper discussion, or a virtual demo.

We’ll listen to your challenges and work with you to find the best technology to meet your needs.

Our image recognition, AI and machine learning technology is the perfect solution to build a more resilient supply chain.

So, when are you free?? Contact us and let’s get an e-meet set up!


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About the author

Sharona is Marketing and Content Manager, charged with telling the world about IDENTI Medical, and its range of data sensing solutions. Sharona has worked in a range of industry settings, including healthcare organizations and SAAS companies. Sharona is also responsible for organizing network events across the US, creating opportunities for healthcare professionals to meet the team and see our products in action.