Savings Analysis Using Snap & Go in the OR- The complete Infographic


Snap & Go is designed for the stressful and unique environment of operating rooms and procedure rooms, and synergizes with the nature and pace of teamwork 

SNAP & GO is the only system in today’s market offering hospitals and OR these vital benefits:

  • Total charge capture of OR consumables 
  • Quick and accurate billing
  • Control of stock levels, updated as they change, eliminating shortage or overstocking 
  • Stock safety with automatic alerts of expired and recalled items
  • Reduced medical litigation 
  • Efficient and nurse-friendly, quick and simple snap-&-go operation 

This infographic compares two charge capture solutions in a common healthcare setting. For total management and control of both safety and costing, two SNAP & GO stations are deployed:

Pre-Surgery, outside the OR:

SNAP & GO Safety – Everything entering the OR and its stock or inventory, passes through this first station to ensure strict safety and validity of every consumable item, with immediate alerts of any breach of safety. 

Post-Surgery, inside the OR:

SNAP & GO CostingEverything that has been used during OR surgery is placed on this second station to ensure absolute accuracy of cost of surgery, patient billing and inventory updates.


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