The Israel-based health-tech company, IDENTI, which recently went public on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange (TASE), is honored to announce the appointment of Mr. Neil Ackerman as a member of its Board of Directors. Ackerman, who holds a senior position at Johnson & Johnson, will be the first appointment to IDENTI since it went public.


Mr. Ackerman is a prominent entrepreneur and internationally recognized for his innovation in the supply chain industry. He has led and advised leading international corporations, among them Amazon and Altria. He is a co-signer on 11 patents and is responsible for the success of dozens of startups. Today, Mr. Ackerman serves as the Managing Director of the Innovation and Strategic Technologies Division for the Global Supply Chain in the Middle East and Africa at Johnson & Johnson, the pharmaceutical and medical device giant. At Amazon, he invented, founded, and managed the Amazon Small and Light Program, which focused on locating and developing patents to promote customer-focused logistics innovation in e-commerce. In April 2020, his insights as an industry expert were published in the best-selling book Always Day One. In March 2021, he appeared in another best-selling book, Behemoth Amazon Rising.

IDENTI has developed a cloud-based platform, utilizing artificial intelligence (AI) and an array of autonomous sensors to collect information on high-value medical implants and narcotics used in operating and procedure rooms. With IDENTI’s automation, it is possible to streamline inventory management and obtain a comprehensive picture of the true costs of surgeries and other invasive procedures, which are the main sources of revenue for hospitals. Until the advent of IDENTI’s groundbreaking technology, this was considered “a grey area.” In addition, the platform assists in meeting stringent regulatory requirements for documenting implants in patients’ medical records and identifying expired or recalled items, which increases patient safety. The company’s cloud system contains information about hundreds of thousands of medical products, while its integrated AI and machine learning technologies enable fast, automated documentation of information in hospital ERP systems and patients’ files, eliminating the need for expensive investment to maintain an independent, up-to-date database.

Neil Ackerman: “Throughout my professional career I have invested in developing and creating holistic ecosystems that focus on broad innovation for the global supply chain. I have been exposed to countless ideas and solutions, but no other system has been able to accurately solve the operational problems faced by hospitals and increase patient safety as IDENTI has. The successful combination of simple-to-use devices supported by complex AI and machine learning technologies, along with a cloud-based platform that enables complete near real-time visibility across the entire supply chain makes IDENTI’s solution a winning card for every medical institution. I look forward to taking on my new position on the board, together with Shlomo and his experienced and talented team, IDENTI’s activities advancing more efficient and safer operational practices in the healthcare industry.”

Shlomo Matityahu, CEO of IDENTI: “We are honored to announce the appointment of Mr. Neil Ackerman as a member of our Board of Directors. Mr. Ackerman has an outstanding track record as a world-renowned entrepreneur with many years of experience acquired in senior positions in the supply chain sector in both the medical and retail industries. Joining our team conveys his confidence in the Company’s direction. I am confident that the knowledge, experience, and leadership he brings will help us realize our vision of expanding into new products and markets. We believe that with the appointment of Mr. Ackerman, the Company will continue to establish its status as an innovative and groundbreaking organization.”


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