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Infographic: Why Your OR is Bleeding Money and HOW TO FIX IT

Infographic: Why Your OR is Bleeding Money and HOW TO FIX IT

Why Your OR is Bleeding Money and how to fix it

In the infographic, we provide a neat summary of the common challenges that hospitals are struggling with daily. So that means that every day these healthcare organizations are leaking cash.


Addressing these issues is, therefore, a priority, as significant savings can be made. It can sometimes be hard to figure out optimum solutions for flawed workflows and cumbersome systems.

We’ve put together the 9 Reasons that Operating and Procedure Room inefficiencies result in heavy financial leak. Does your OR suffer from the same financial pitfalls as other hospitals?

Review the list and once you can see the critical issues for your hospital you will be pleased to know that there is an easy solution that plugs all these leaks.


Here’s What’s Included​:

  • the safety and financial impact of uncertainty around inventory levels
  • the lost data caused by ineffective barcode scanning
  • patient safety repercussions of poor OR and Procedure Room process
  • data capture issues that nursing staff experience every day
  • information gaps that hinder effective inventory management
  • issues that negatively impact on patient care


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