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IDENTI Medical wins tender for secured medication management system

IDENTI Medical wins tender for secured medication management system

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Winning tender for secured medication management system

Israel’s Group Purchasing Organization (GPO) for public healthcare organizations has appointed IDENTI Medical to provide a secured medication management system for controlled substances and narcotics.

Secured narcotics storage
Narcotics cabinet

Launched only six months ago, the new secured medication management system is the only solution in the market that ensures a secured full reconciliation of drug administration regulations, while achieving efficient monitoring over staff and inventory. It is a simple and user-friendly application for both physician and pharmacy employee.

“Their excellent proposal, combined with the quality service along with vast experience IDENTI brings to the table, made them the best candidate to deliver such a secured management system dealing with this sensitive matter. We’ve been looking for a safe solution for years, and we are looking forward to the new management system, which will be able to cover all the aspects we need”.

Secured Cabinet

The new Smart Cabinet features 990 compartments pulled out individually for storing drugs, and 64 separate compartments for returned items per procedure, enable full reconciliation of the drug taken and administrated to the patient.

Secured narcotics cabinet
Drug cabinet

Secured biometric access allows users to access the protected management application- the LogiPlatform and easily updated on each transaction as well as drugs levels, expiring dates and other statistical information. The management software also provides online automatic reports alerting low stock levels, drug discrepancies, administration errors or misuse. All while fully integrating with ERP and clinical software to maintain a centralized database.


Israel’s Group Purchasing Organization (GPO)

Sarel was founded in 1995, serving as a group purchasing organization (GPO) for the governmental hospitals, medical centers, and various Israeli institutions. Sarel is a leading company in its field, owned by the Association of Public Hospitals for the Public Good, a non-profit organization operating exclusively in the interest of the public.

Olivia Walker is IDENTI’s Global Marketing Director and has a wealth of experience in the healthtech sectorHer innovative marketing strategies have successfully driven IDENTI’s growth in multiple worldwide marketsHer strength is the ability to identify what truly resonates within the industry. She is passionate about building relationships and her expertise lies in creating meaningful partnerships with healthcare providers, distributors, and suppliers.

narcotics cabinet


 Usage capture at point-of-use

Tissue and implant tracking

Medical supplies replenishment

Full control over narcotics and medications


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