IDENTI Medical supplies DHL Healthcare with tracking solutions for Medtronic’s hydrocephalus implants

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DHL Life Sciences & Healthcare division has chosen IDENTI’s Smart Cabinet system and integrated AI management software to track and manage hydrocephalus implants for their customer, Medtronic Mexico.

Without a central logistics center in the country, Medtronic Mexico relies on DHL, the international logistics provider, for much of their supply chain management. Medtronic Mexico approached the DHL Life Sciences & Healthcare Division to find a solution for managing their hydrocephalus implants which are used in expensive brain surgery procedures for children.

The objectives were to provide accessible storage and improve inventory availability in real-time to hospitals throughout Mexico as well as to Medtronic’s medical representatives in the country. The prima

ry requirement was full remote visibility to both Medtronic and DHL in real-time of all links in the supply and storage chain in three major medical centers in Mexico. IDENTI’s RFID Smart Cabinet system and AI management software including integration into their cloud-based ERP platforms were found to be the most efficient and cost-effective solution.

“The aim is to expand this service to all hospitals in Mexico that perform hydrocephalus implant procedures”. Shmulik Bakerman, VP Sales & Business Development

DHL Life Sciences & Healthcare division offers reliable and compliant end-to-end supply chain solutions to the medical industry, to improve productivity, increasing efficiency and reducing cost. with a broad range of fully integrated, strategic, end-to-end sourcing and procurement solutions.

Medtronic Shunt for Hydrocephalus allows excess cerebrospinal fluid to drain to another area of the body. As the pressure of cerebrospinal fluid inside the brain increases, the one-way valve opens and the excessive fluid drains to the downstream cavity. The device has been used to treat hydrocephalus for more than 50 years.



In The News

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