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IDENTI Medical illustrates how to save $229.6K in a Cath Lab: the complete infographic

IDENTI Medical illustrates how to save $229.6K in a Cath Lab: the complete infographic

Save money on inventory

How can your healthcare organization save money in one of the most complex and expensive medical environments – the cath lab?

If your organization struggles with this issue, read on. This infographic compares the savings made in a 2-room OR suite implementing IDENTI’s automatic, digital implant management system – to the same suite without the IDENTI system.

This comparison takes into account all the variables typical of operations:

  • Expired inventory (2%)
  • Interest accrued on inventory (4%)
  • Cost of items incorrectly attributed to a specific medical procedure (2%)
  • Time spent by medical staff on administrative duties (13%)


You can see that although the starting point was the same, costs were reduced by 40% in the first year with IDENTI’s Total Sense Cabinet, a smart cabinet system which optimizes and streamlines processes, raises real-tine alerts on human errors, and cost-effectively manages inventory – all without wasting the medical staff’s valuable time.

It is important to note that this infographic depicts a scenario in which inventory is purchased in advance. IDENTI’s Smart Cabinets enable a transition to full, 100% consignment. If a hospital prefers to implement a pay-per-use method, IDENTI connects the suppliers directly to the hospital’s inventory and provides them with a visibility of their supplies so that they can monitor inventory levels. With this method, hospitals save the cost of inventory and its management.




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