IDENTI launches Snap & Go, image recognition solution for items’ identification in the OR, during HIMSS

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IDENTI Medical announced the launch of its patent-protected Snap & Go image recognition technology that captures, records and bills medical implants and consumables used during surgery.

Snap Go image recognition technology is one of the key trends and digital innovations that are taking shape to meet the needs and expectations of patients nurses and IT providers. 3 300x270 - LogiTag launches Snap & Go, image recognition solution for items' documentation in the OR, during HIMSS

The festive reveal will be made at HIMSS Global Health Conference, the largest health information and technology event of the year. Booth 2547 – The Israel Export & International Cooperation Institute.


“We empower hospitals with machine learning and artificial intelligence to enhance financial and operational decisions” said Shlomo Matityaho, CEO of IDENTI, “Minimizing the nurse administrative work while collecting all the information required for operational and clinical needs results in more time for the patient. Healthy hospital means healthy patients.”

Snap & Go helps hospitals reduce lost profits

Snap & Go is a new charge-capture device for documenting usage reporting by taking an image of each item. The solution was designed to solve all the errors caused by incorrect documentation, lack of item identification and the confusion created around multiple barcodes. Based on image recognition and AI, Snap & Go automatically recognizes all types of implants with or without barcodes: tissues, bones, sterile items (screws, plates) and all the disposables consumed within a procedure (sutures, wax, threads).

Complements ERP/EHR systems

Using a combination of machine learning, AI and a database of 730k SKUs, IDENTI was able to create an end-device capable of gathering 100% of the information in a way that completely relieves the medical staff of data-entry duties. Obtaining real costs without involving the medical staff in administrative work directly translates into the capture of lost revenue through more accurate insurance reimbursement and easy recall tracking. As an added bonus, IDENTI’s back-office team identifies unrecognized items and adds them to the hospital’s consolidated hospital item-master, keeping it always up-to-date.


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