HimssTV choose IDENTI to appear on a video about must-know IoT inventions of 2019

HimssTV, the world’s first online broadcasting network focused on global innovation and technology that are changing the healthcare world, decide to talk about IDENTI Medical, a health-tech company, developing data-sensing systems and cloud-based software services for the medical industry. It allows for the collection of real-time data of available stock of medical implants, narcotics, and supplies and their usage within a medical institution

Automated, Weight Based PAR Bin

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Or is the Head of Marketing and Strategic Partnerships. She has a wealth of experience in the health–tech sector. Her innovative marketing strategies have successfully driven IDENTI’s growth in multiple worldwide markets. Her strength is the ability to identify what truly resonates within the industry. She is passionate about building relationships and her expertise lies in creating meaningful partnerships with healthcare providers, distributors, and suppliers..