IDENTI Medical signs a 7-year contract with Hadassah Medical Organization, in which secure systems for the management of narcotics and controlled substances, along with complimentary software services, will be provided to its two campuses: Hadassah University Hospital – Mount Scopus and Hadassah Ein Kerem.

Management and monitoring of medical drugs requires a high standard of security and digital monitoring. In the coming year, new safety procedures for narcotic drug management will be imposed in Israel, requiring hospitals and pharmacies to store their anesthetic medications under more secure conditions. In addition, the new directives tighten the control process and require documentation of these drugs inpatient records and in procedure ID numbers. Under these new circumstances, implementing an automated reporting system is more important than ever. Without one, physicians will lose even more valuable time to administrative procedures. Avoiding stock shortages and maintaining expiration date records will become harder and more time-consuming for medical staff. Automation also enhances protection from drug misuse and theft.

As part of the IDENTI contract with Hadassah, six automated narcotic drug management systems will be installed. They include secure storage cabinets, inventory management software and a full interface to patient files.

IDENTI’s system provides medical staff maximum security with minimum time and effort. Access to the system is secure through a personal identification procedure based on unique facial recognition technology that reduces the need for medical staff to come into unnecessary contact with screens.

controlled substance inventory
Controlled Substance Inventory

The IDENTI storage unit has double-locked compartments that ensure maximum security. Every drug removed is reported directly to the patient’s file so that the system meets all the requirements of the Israel Ministry of Health as well as the strictest safety standards in the developed world. The system also affords huge savings in medical staff labor.

The system issues alert reports that can be viewed at any given moment. Current inventory quantities and expiration date lists can be quickly generated. Detailed stock segmentation and historic data reports are effortlessly created, helping pharmacy staff better manage their inventory.

“These are narcotic drugs whose improper and irresponsible management can lead to dangerous and illegal use. Our system equips hospitals with a complete and reliable solution for compliance with government regulations for the use of controlled drugs. There have been cases in the past in which these substances fell into the wrong hands. We are here to prevent that,” explains Shlomo Matityahu, CEO of IDENTI Medical.

Since its launch, the IDENTI system has been installed in dozens of hospitals and sites across the country and is a comprehensive, secure solution to the complex and high-risk reality faced by pharmacies and anesthesiologists in the hospital setting.


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