Former CEO of Medtronic Israel Joins the Board of IDENTI Medical

The Israeli health-tech company, IDENTI Medical (TASE: IDNT) is honored to announce the appointment of Ms. Judith Gal as a member of the company’s board of directors. Judith, a former CEO of Medtronic Israel, joins the appointment of Mr. Neil Ackerman, a senior executive at Johnson & Johnson, in an interesting and rare collaboration, as they each represent two leading companies in the realm of medical devices.

Ms. Judith Gal served as CEO of Medtronic Israel and as a senior member of Medtronic’s regional management for 12 years. Judith has decades of experience in international companies in the fields of advanced medical technologies, high-tech home care and pharma, including Teva. In addition to her professional pursuits, Judith is a partner in the leadership forum `Osheya – Women Leading Health`, an organization of influential women in healthcare. Their mission is to promote global public health and women’s health, and to mentor the next generation of women leaders in healthcare. In recent years, it has focused on the business and strategic development of companies that market solutions in med-tech and bio-tech. Judith sits on the boards of several start-ups and is a member of a VC investment committee. She managed Medtronic’s Israel Division and within a few years advanced the company to become the leader in marketing groundbreaking medical technologies in Israel.

Last week immediately following the announcement of the it’s IPO, IDENTI announced several noteworthy appointments, the first of which was Mr. Neil Ackerman, a recognized entrepreneur who is signed on 11 patents and is renowned for his advancement of operational innovation in the global supply chain. Previously he led operations of international companies including Amazon and Altria. He currently serves as CEO of the Technology & Strategy Innovation Division at Johnson & Johnson’s supply chain (Middle East and Africa). This is the first time in Israel that two international company executives are sitting on the same board of directors.

Shlomo Matityaho, IDENTI CEO: “Judith has accompanied the Company since its inception, and as CEO of Medtronic was one of the first to integrate technologies in logistics processes and understand the value inherent in a platform that promotes transparency and full cooperation between both sides of the supply chain: hospitals and their medical equipment suppliers. This ensures that both sides are working together with joint responsibility to deliver the best and safest patient care. I am extremely happy that Judith has joined the IDENTI board of directors. Her vast knowledge, experience and understanding of the medical device market is critical to our Company’s success and growth.”

Judith Gal
Judith Gal IDENTI Medical

Judith Gal: “I am excited to embark on this journey with IDENTI, which has created a completely new category in the field of managing and documenting implanted medical devices in hospitals. The overarching goal of the healthcare industry is to provide patients with the safest medical implants. IDENTI helps hospitals and medical providers establish joint management and efficient communication, which contributes to financial savings and streamlining of work processes for both physicians and delivery teams. The company attaches paramount importance to the needs of the field teams and to develop a user-friendly, easy-to-operate user interface. These principles have been translated into a product that is one hundred percent adapted to the medical industry. I believe in IDENTI’s solution and the revolution that it is ushering in.”

IDENTI has developed a cloud-based platform, incorporating AI and an autonomous array of sensors to collect information on valuable medical implants and narcotics in operating and procedure rooms in medical centers. Through IDENTI’s automation it is possible to streamline inventory management and obtain a comprehensive understanding of the costs and billing of surgeries, which are the main source of revenue in hospitals and until the advent of IDENTI’s groundbreaking technology, were considered “gray areas.” In addition, the platform assists in meeting stringent regulatory requirements for documenting implants in patients’ medical records and maintaining patient safety by identifying expired and recalled items. The Company’s cloud system contains information about hundreds of thousands of medical products. Integrated artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies enable rapid, automatic documentation of information in patient files and hospital systems, thus saving an expensive investment to maintain an up-to-date database.

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