First SmartCabinet Installation In China

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First IDENTI Smart Cabinet Solution Installation in Chinese Cath-Labs

eye cabinet small2 207x300 - First SmartCabinet Installation In ChinaThe high-density RFID Smart Cabinet solution will enable medical centers  in Shangai to manage medical device inventory under consignment business model

IDENTI, a leading provider of cloud-based technology for managing medical supplies, devices, and equipment, announced today its first Smart Cabinet solution installation in the Chinese market. The solution is initially set to remotely manage high-value medical devices in Shangai’s hospital’s Cath-labs, where efficient stock management is critical, and later in more departments including the ER, Eye Clinics, EP Lab, Interventional radiology lab, and pharmacy.

How the solution works:

High-cost medical devices (i.e. catheters, stents, balloons, pacemakers) are stored inside the Smart Cabinet, behind locked glass doors. Hospital personnel use their ID card to open the doors and remove RFID tagged items, depending on the doctor’s requests. The Smart Cabinet recognizes which item was removed, records the transaction and stores it on IDENTI’s cloud application. The data is then available for the entire chain including Central warehouse, medical device vendor, and logistics company.

The Smart Cabinet benefits include:

  • Precise data capture
  • Move to full consignment
  • No manual counting
  • Cross organization visibility
  • Reduced management costs

Information is available on any portable device including – mobile phones and tablets.

In The News

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