IDENTI, a leading provider of RFID solutions and high-value inventory management systems, reports a successful use of its Smart Cabinet solution at the Herzilya Medical Center (HMC) cath lab. Smart Cabinet provides the hospital precise, real-time inventory management capabilities, allowing its staff to have an accurate view of inventory levels and usage at all time. The solution has proved to produce accurate inventory records in real time, and therefore, reduce inventory waste, eliminate manual counting and stock-outs, and reduce management costs.

“We are extremely pleased with IDENTI’s Smart Cabinet solution, already installed in our hospital for nearly two years,” said Doron Karmi, Chief Technology of Operations Officer at HMC. “The problem originated while producing our annual reports, as we were consumed by destructive and expensive disputes with our inventory suppliers, which our luxurious private hospital simply couldn’t afford. Each side couldn’t be sure how much stock was consumed during the past year as our manual system was exposed to paperwork mistakes, shelving problems, expired products and other human errors. Once the Smart Cabinet entered the Cath-labs, all of these difficulties were completely eliminated right from the first month. Given these positive results,” Continued Karmi “we are currently considering having the Smart Cabinet placed in other facilities including the eye-clinics and operating rooms.”

Smart Cabinet is a lean, efficient inventory management system for medical devices. Utilizing patent-protected RFID technology in combination with point-of-use reporting, the Smart Cabinet gives hospitals such as HMC, a precise, real-time inventory management at the item level. The company’s advanced cloud-based software provides the entire supply chain an accurate view of inventory levels, usage, and status of high –value medical devices.

“I am very pleased to have made such a valuable impact on HMC,” said Shlomo Matityaho, IDENTI’s CEO. “Our solutions, built with our customer’s urgencies in mind, are completely automated, leaving no room for arguments or disputes. In addition, we recognize the fact that an Operating Room, Cath-Lab, or any other hospital space is a busy environment, and our task is to ensure that staff is concentrating on patient care, not paperwork or asset management. HMC is the perfect model demonstrating the type of impact our solutions can have, and I look forward to continuing assisting other healthcare facilities around the world.”

About HMC

Herzilya Medical Center was founded more than 30 years ago, and provides a variety of advanced therapeutic services. The hospital is located on the Herzliya Pituah beachfront, and enjoys a globally-renowned professional reputation that attracts many international patients to Israel. Approximately 500 of Israel’s most experienced doctors, including hospital department heads, unit managers, and senior doctors from Israel’s public hospitals and universities, annually perform over 18,000 of the most complex private operations in all medical fields at Herzliya Medical Center. We ensure that our doctors operate in optimal conditions and with the perfect tools and assistance to help them provide the finest and most professional patient care, including state-of-the-art medical equipment, advanced technology of international standards, and a registered and professional nursing staff that takes care of every detail and generates a supportive work environment. All of these elements enable our doctors to meet their patients’ every need and offer them the finest care.

The operations performed in our operating rooms include:
Cardiothoracic surgery (over 20,000 cardiac catheterizations, and over 5,000 heart operations have been done in HMC), general and endoscopic surgical procedures, various types of laser surgery, microsurgery, computer-guided orthopedic and arthroplasty procedures, gynecological surgery, urological procedures, plastic surgery, and many additional procedures in other surgical fields. Our Intensive Care Unit, renowned for its high level of professional expertise, is equipped with state-of the art equipment, and provides optimal support and attention to all surgical patients around the clock. As part of our service, patients are able to select their preferred date of surgery as well as the surgeon of their choice.

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