Harvard university (fas) Vivarium

TRANSFORMED SUPPLY MANAGEMENTSYSTEM AT HARVARD UNIVERSITY (FAS) VIVARIUM LEADS TO SAVINGS OFVALUABLE RESEARCH FUNDS Harvard University (FAS) vivarium installs ReStock Tags – an automated 2bin Kanban system, to manage inventory. The result: a lean management system with full vendor control, reduced inventory levels and overall waste, increased efficiency and accuracy. The challenge Harvard Medical School’s […]

Laniado Hospital

Laniado Hospital moves to a consignment inventory model The challenge Laniado Hospital, a private healthcare institute with a demanding math lab unit

NY Hospital Queens

NY Hospital Queens Automates medical devices and consumables in Radiology The challenge New York Hospital Queens is a 439-bed hospital that is part of the New York Presbyterian Healthcare System. Its various departments, specifically the radiology unit, found it was always in inventory excess or had expired stocks at hand. The main reason was their […]

Pharmacies and anesthetists affirm

Pharmacies and anesthetists affirm: “Safe, comfortable and efficient – the new narcotics management system in operating rooms” In investigating the above case we chose to present the background that preceded the decision to purchase the system, the solution that was tailored and the benefits that have accompanied the team since the automated system was installed. […]

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