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Matthew Reimer

"Visibility into inventory across an organization, backorder management with vendors, and managing product alternative options are the top three inventory management challenges they are facing in 2024. Incorporating IDENTI's AI technology, like image recognition and machine learning, is the solution, especially in forward forecasting. We help solve complex supply disruptions, assess run rates, compare that to what is on hand across the system, and then create a contingency plan for an alternative product—this is a game-changer in Canada. Additionally, difficulties with Health Human Resources (staffing) are creating enormous challenges. Image recognition automation relieves the burden on staffing and provides them with easier-to-use tools, yielding better results. Tasks that are repetitive, data-driven, or "actionable" take up valuable staff capacity. Many of these tasks can be automated—a solution needed for sustainability in the Canadian health system. Moreover, we need to make better use of the available data and information (like expiration). These are areas where automation/AI can open a door for solutions to address many of the needs in the current Canadian healthcare sector. Image recognition is the future of technology. Most solutions have focused on RFID and barcode technology, which do pose interesting solutions but create additional workflows to ensure labeling is ready for tracking. Image recognition provides the solution without the challenges and additional workflows, marking it a revolutionary technology."

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