What are the duties of a perioperative nurse?

Circulating nurses are the behind-the-scenes leaders in the operating room (OR) and procedural areas. They keep things running smoothly before, during, and after surgery. Here's what they do:

Prep the OR: Get the operating room ready with sterile supplies and equipment for each surgery.

Safety First: Monitor the surgical team and patient to provide timely support and optimize patient safety.

Communication Hub: Talk with surgeons, anesthesiologists, and others to keep everyone informed.

Patient Advocate: Look out for the patient's well-being throughout surgery.

Keeper of Records: Track used supplies and document everything that happens during surgery.

Post-Op Support: Help transfer patients to recovery and restock the OR for the next case.

Circulating nurses ensure a safe and efficient surgery for everyone.

What are the priorities of the perioperative nurse?

A perioperative nurse's priorities can be summed up in three key areas:

Patient Safety: This is always the top priority. They ensure a sterile environment, accurate inventory and equipment counts, and clear communication and documentation throughout surgery.

Patient Care: They address patient concerns, answer questions, and provide comfort before, during, and after surgery.

Smooth Operation: They manage the flow in the OR, ensuring everything runs efficiently to minimize delays and complications. They lead on supply chain management in the surgical setting.

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