How do you handle product recalls?

Medical device recalls demand a swift, organized response to prioritize patient safety. A dedicated recall team identifies impacted devices and clearly communicates details to staff, doctors and potentially affected patients. This ensures safe removal of recalled products and their return to the manufacturer.

When this task is undertaken manually, or when older technology is used, it can be hard to identify all affected patients. Product recall management therefore needs to start at the point of use, by ensuring every implant is fully documented in the EHR. Inventory management software with a searchable batch database is your recall management accellerator.

How do you mitigate a product recall?

Mitigating a medical device recall hinges on open communication and solid systems.

A healthcare facility can minimize the potential disruption of a product recall, for example a medical device or implant, by taking promp action. They need to notify all relevant staff and locate all potentially affected patients. Clear instructions on the safe removal and return of recalled devices needs to be provided by management, in line with organizational protocols, ensuring a streamlined process and optimum patient safety.

Who manages product recalls?

In healthcare, responsibility for managing product recalls is shared between several supply chain partners.

It's the manufacturer that initiates the recall, but healthcare facilities have a crucial role to play too. They must identify and locate impacted devices, communicate effectively with staff and potentially affected patients, and ensure safe removal and return of recalled products.

Product recall management requires efficient management by healthcare providers in order to reduce risk and optimize patient safety.

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