SECURED Medication Cabinet

Management system for controlled substances and narcotics

Narcotics Management System

An automated system for the administration of controlled substances and narcotics. Includes secured storage cabinet, integrated AI inventory management software and full interface with the patient file.

  • Control of the entire drug issuance process from start to finish, including real-time usage data and intelligent generation of valuable insights.
  • The only solution on the market that achieves full and efficient traceability over staff and inventory while ensuring full reconciliation of drug administration regulations.

Benefits for

  • Placed inside core areas and pharmacies
  • Individual drug pull-out and return
  • Full visibility over inventory levels and expiring drugs with real-time alerts
  • Management of drug surplus returns and destruction documentation
  • Simple medication selection and replenishment
  • Strict compliance with drug control regulations
  • Protects against theft and misuse
  • Ability to track ward staff activities and elimination of dispensing mistakes and administration errors
  • Fully integrates with ERP and EHR

Pharmacy work

  • Eliminates the need for manual documentation of drug dispensing and return
  • Dynamic and flexible reporting system that allows the pharmacy to manage and monitor the issuance and administration of narcotic drugs in accordance with the strictest governmental regulatory requirements
  • The system issues alert reports and can be viewed at any given moment, portraying in-stock quantities and expiration lists
  • “Exceptions” such as broken ampoules or pull-out of many drugs at once are also documented
Safe and simple face identification

The hospital may choose to access the system using facial recognition technology, which does not require removing gloves or touching the screen. Alternatively, access can be granted through biometric or password identification.

How It Works
  • 01

    Physicians and other medical personnel are recognized with biometric, card or password identification.

  • 02

    Medications are dispensed for each patient by reading the patient barcode.

  • 03

    After dispensing, physicians report actual patient usage in the hospital clinical system.

  • 04

    Left-over items are returned to the cabinet and open dosages are eliminated and reported to the system.

  • 05

    The system alerts the pharmacist when inventory is running low.

  • 06

    Pharmacist stores medications in the IDENTI secured cabinet.

Generate insights using
LOGIPLATFORM™ cloud-web server

  • 24/7 customer support!
  • Selective access to modules, reports and data protected by privacy levels
  • Accessible from any browser platform
  • Supports international standards for uniform coding of products (GS1, EPCIS, GYIN)
  • Security – SSL, Encrypted database, Password renewal policy
  • Fully integrates with existing ERP and EHR databases
  • Centralized database for drugs identification
  • On-site inventory count – optimization and analysis reports
  • All devices are connected by a single network

Case Studies

The new and recommended narcotics management system in operating rooms

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