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A cloud based platform that connects Suppliers to hospitals. Accurate charge capture and point-of-use data, analyzed to boost revenue cycle, increase efficiency, improve the quality of patient care, identify patterns, and even save lives.

LogiPlatform- the heart of Identi’s unified healthcare solutions suite

Controls real-time consumption data, with enormous potential to reduce operational costs, improve quality of service, identify patterns, and generate highly intelligent insights.

Global Item
Master Database

Data integrity is maximized by accessing a manufacturer’s database that is updated daily from several resources – supplier items lists, hospital items lists, worldwide catalogs and information from online databases. Accurate and consistent data is thus made possible.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) Data

Use prediction models and automatically making comparisons to simplify data optimization, transformation, integration, and enrichment. Accurate charge capture and point-of-use data are being analyzed to boost revenue cycle, increase efficiency, improve the quality of patient care, identify patterns and even save lives.

Insight-driven reports and patient safety alerts

Reports are sent daily and automatically to suppliers and hospital teams (managers, nursing, administrative, and warehouse staff) via emails or direct interface with ERP systems to eliminate stock wastes, quickly detect faults and solving issues in real-time. Increases safety through advance alerts on expiry dates and automatic replenishment – zero stock outs or emergency shipments.

Synchronizing UDI data into hospital and vendor systems.

Seamless integration with existing infrastructure, EHR and ERP systems with no need to replace them. Batch no., serial no., expiration date and manufacturer SKU are updated automatically to enable full consignment and electronically track item data as required by FDA UDI regulations.

Easy-to-use dashboard and Built-in administration module – Adding recipients, updating permissions, adding items and create reports using built-in visuals (Current inventory status, Product Consumption Report, Incorrect Item Report, Expiring Items Report, Enrollment Screen).

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Highly secured

Microsoft Azure cloud-web server. Supports international standards for uniform coding of products (GS1, EPCIS, GTIN). Complies with HL7 protocol and CFR Title 21 Part 11 FDA guidelines. Reliable security – SSL, encrypted database, password renewal policy, selective access to modules and reports, including high level of privacy .NET framework and Microsoft SQL Server; uses secure communication protocols (and onsite gateway servers) to connect and interface with hospital and supplier ERP systems and clinical software applications. Achieves high availability using main data center and disaster recovery site.


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