Sales Engineer

A leading technology company with integrated information systems in the medical field is hiring a full-time sales engineer for the Israeli market.

Job Description:

  • Selling systems that combine hardware and software in the cloud, to national and multinational healthcare companies.
  • Defining new work processes and improving existing processes at the clients’ sites, starting from the concept stage, through to implementation, accompaniment and implementation, and ending with monitoring and control.
  • Identifying the needs of the medical teams and IT departments in order to sell and implement the technological solutions
  • Multi-interface work inside and outside the hospital while understanding organizational processes.


  • Industrial and management engineer/information systems/engineering in medical fields – mandatory
  • Proven ability to work with different levels of management in hospitals – an advantage
  • High level English – mandatory
  • Motivation
  • Valid driver’s license
  • Full-time


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About the author

Sharona is Marketing and Content Manager, charged with telling the world about IDENTI Medical, and its range of data sensing solutions. Sharona has worked in a range of industry settings, including healthcare organizations and SAAS companies. Sharona is also responsible for organizing network events across the US, creating opportunities for healthcare professionals to meet the team and see our products in action.