Solutions for Procedural Rooms

Double protection implant tracking

Our unique automation tools deliver dual precision:

- Real-time item-level tracking and analytics
- Unrivalled point-of-care product documentation.

Optimize implant tracking and achieve full revenue capture with IDENTI Medical’s proven healthcare technology – image recognition, AI, machine learning and RFID.

Our comprehensive solution overcomes your supply chain challenges, offering 100% transparency, from enrolment through billing, for every type of product you use.

The perfect bundle for the IR and procedure room setting:



Instant recording of the SKU/lot/ batch and expiry date of every consumed item, straight into the patient file, using patented image recognition and machine learning technology.

Total Sense


Real-time, item-level stock visibility, tracking and control, using UHF-RFID smart cabinets, or mobile hand scanners that transform storerooms into virtual cabinets. 

Suitable for all procedural settings:

  • Interventional Radiology
  • Catheterization Labs
  • Electrophysiology Labs 
  • Gastrology
  • Angiography 
  • More Procedure Areas

100% transparency from enrollment through billing

View current stock and usage records - all in one solution


Inventory reduction 


Charge capture


Wastage reduction 


saved on expired inventory

What the right technology delivers:

Accurate Achieve a perpetual inventory

4 patient safety boosters

Identify expired or recalled stock items. Use real-time, pre-consumption alerts to minimize litigation risks. Achieve full UDI capture in the EMR.  Robust recall-readiness via a searchable batch history database. Enjoy the added protection of your new compliance shield.

Easy Reduce inventory rounds

Seamless system integration

Automated, audit-proof usage documentation is assigned directly to the patient file. Data flows freely into the hospital’s ERP/EMR/MMIS, supporting timely administration. Accessible by vendors for easy replenishment.

Efficient Kanban and Par

All types of inventory

The system is able to manage and track all types of inventory, including consignment, ‘off-contract’ and ‘bill-only’ items. Digital recording of usage is possible without RFID tags or preloading into the Item Master.

Accurate Kanban and Par

Inventory insights

Full inventory vision, real-time metrics, management reports and data insights enhance decision making, supporting a streamlined inventory, lower wastage, reduced preference card variance, and minimized costs. 

Simple Kanban and Par

Billing and revenue reconciliation

Timely consumption data supports accurate case costing, revenue cycle integrity, optimized reimbursement and higher margins. Accurate inventory data boosts your bargaining power, opening the door to improved terms with vendors and payers. 

Simple Switch from manual to automation

Patient and staff satisfaction

Quick item location, simpler workflows, and an end to post-procedure admin, all reduce the supply chain burden on nurses, and increase the time available to support patients. The result? Improved patient care and happier staff!