Identi medical is named “Market Disruptor” by Geektime

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Identi medical is named “Market Disruptor” by Geektime as we challenge the status quo in the $1.3B healthcare analytics market with innovation. We use computer vision technology to replace inefficient, time-consuming, barcode-based reporting systems with an out-of-the-box image capture device to provide a clear view of utilization, which immediately affects the rest of the healthcare supply chain and revenue cycle management.

When a global health-IT company innovates, it creates an ecosystem of innovation. We are proud to enrich the healthcare information technology ecosystem with an easy-to-use data capture platform with utilization analytics insights and maximum patient safety!


Snap and Go in Healthcare
Snap and Go in Healthcare


We understand that patient safety is an important concern in health care – even more in 2021 than ever before. Snap&Go™ is the ultimate automated data capture solution that puts an end to the waste and inefficiencies of uncharged, expired, and out-of-stock items. Be on top of your inventory game without pulling essential hospital personnel away from caregiving to handle administrative tasks. With this unique technology, there is no manual data entry. No difficult operating system. No software training. No coding errors. Snap&Go™ removes these administrative data collection tasks from the shoulders of your patient care team. By correcting errors on the fly this solution is unaffected by changes in barcode UPN standards. In fact, Snap&Go™ tracks bulk items and items without barcodes too. You’ll easily realize substantial benefits to patient safety through automatic alerts regarding recalled and expired products and more!

It’s great to see how Israeli tech companies are bringing innovative solutions that make a meaningful impact in the healthcare ecosystem. We’re glad to be part of this exciting group!

Among the group were: Diagnostic Robotics, TailorMed, Nym Health, UVTAL Health – Rumble, Sight Diagnostics, Aidoc, MeMed, Antidote Health, DayTwo, Emendo

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