IDENTI install narcotics management systems in 32 operating rooms

IDENTI performs the largest installation of narcotics management systems in Sourasky Medical Center


Secured narcotics cabinet
Medication Cabinets

Sourasky Medical Center, one of the three largest hospitals in Israel, chose IDENTI‘s Narcotics Management System to serve 32 operating rooms at its disposal – making it the largest installation for secured medication cabinets and management software.  


“We have decided to replace our current drugs management solution and upgrade to IDENTI’s advanced Narcotics Management Systems, which include a secure cabinet, inventory management software with complete correlation to the patient medical records. Opening the new decade with IDENTI’s innovative solution was a good decision for us.”  

Sourasky Medical Center installed three cabinets in their large OR suite of about 30 surgical rooms and two additional cabinets at the Lis Maternity and Women’s Hospital in their main operating room and the delivery room.

Narcotic Cabinet
Medication Dispensing Machine Hospital

Secured Medication Cabinet powered by AI

IDENTI’s secured cabinet with integrated inventory management software provides pharmacies, anesthesiologists and nurses full and efficient traceability over staff and inventory while ensuring full reconciliation of drug administration regulations. The system supports real-time alerts of stock-outs and administration errors, full visibility over inventory levels and expiring drugs, individual drug pull-out by personnel and protected access identification, management of drug surplus returns, and destruction documentation.

Narcotic in hospitals
Narcotics cabinet

IDENTI’s comprehensive database, along with advanced AI analytics and reporting capabilities, eliminates the need for manual documentation of drug dispensing and return. The system provides a dynamic and flexible reporting system that allows the pharmacy to manage and monitor the issuance and administration of narcotic drugs in accordance with the strictest governmental regulatory requirements.


“IDENTI’s system provides an excellent end-to-end solution for managing Sourasky’s controlled drugs. This includes seamless integration with our ERP systems and data flow, real-time usage collection, and intelligent generation of valuable insights”.


Are you intrigued by the immense potential of the IDENTI ecosystem in not only streamlining operations but also significantly reducing costs?

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