What is expiry management?

Expiry management is a process used by healthcare providers to track and control the shelf life of medications, medical devices, tissue and implants. The aim is to monitor stock and rotate it so that all items are used before their expiration date. This reduces waste and maintains patient safety. Expiry management is also known as expiration date management and is an important element of inventory control.

Expiry management is healthcare is a vital process that needs to be accurately carried out to operate safely and efficiently.

How do you manage near expiry products?

Healthcare facilities can leverage technology to effectively manage near-expiry products. Inventory management systems with expiry reports highlight these items, prompting staff to prioritize their usage to ensure patient safety. In addition, managing expiration dates prevents product wastage and keeps costs to a minimum.

In short managing the expiry of products in hospitals supports efficient and safe healthcare delivery and minimizes supply chain costs.

What does expiry mean in medical terms?

In medical terms, expiry refers to the date after which a product or medication is no longer guaranteed to be safe or fully effective. This date is set by the manufacturer and ensures the product maintains its potency and sterility. Using expired medical products can be risky, so it's crucial to follow expiry guidelines for patient safety.

Expiry needs to be carefully managed in healthcare organization to ensure optimized healthcare delivery.

Which is the best strategy for expiry day?

To be honest, we hope not to get to expiry day - the focus should be on preventing items from reaching this point. Inventory management systems are useful for firstly, preventing products remaining in stock on expiry day, and secondly flagging up near expired or exired items that require removal from stock.

What is the FDA rule on expiration dates?

The FDA mandates expiration dating on all medications and medical devices and this date must be clearly printed on the label. The FDA also requires healthcare facilities to closely monitor expiry dates to ensure patient safety.

Expiry management is a regulatory requirement for healthcare providers and is central to the provision of safe patient care as well as organizational compliance.

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